The World of Hans Zimmer at the O2 Arena was a transcendent experience that left me in a three hour state of euphoria.

As one of the most renowned composers of our time, Zimmer's curated concert was not merely a showcase of his music but a journey through the iconic soundtracks that have defined generations of cinema.

My friend and I headed to the O2 Arena to watch The World of Hans Zimmer on Wednesday night and I can confidently say it is one of the best shows I have ever had the pleasure of watching.

Conducted by Zimmer’s friend and fellow Hollywood composer, Gavin Greenaway, we were transported through some of the greatest films of all time with the most beautiful scores of all time, performed by the Odessa Orchestra and Friends.

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The concert opened with a burst of energy as Greenaway and the Orchestra performed Flight from Zack Synder’s Man of Steel.

With a masterful blend of orchestral arrangements, electronic elements, and iconic melodies, I knew this would be an evening I would never forget.

From the soaring melodies of Interstellar to the thunderous beats of Gladiator, each note was a portal to another world. Goosebumps? Oh, they were permanent residents on my skin that night.

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The triumphant notes of The Lion King and the playful scores of Kung Fu Panda made my experience pretty nostalgic, as it reminded me of my younger days.

Of course, no review of Hans Zimmer’s show would be complete without mentioning the incredible talent of the orchestra and choir who made the show come to life.

Each musician played their part equally to make this show outstanding, but I was particularly in awe by pianist Eliane Correa, who took the leading role in the Interstellar score – she was exceptional, and danced her way through the show, especially during the Sherlock Holmes section of the performance.


@poppyhuggett Once in a lifetime 🥹 the legend even made an appearance himself!! ✨ #HansZimmer #interstellar ♬ original sound - Poppy Huggett

Luis Ribeiro and Pedro Eustache on percussion and woodwinds respectively kept the vibe alive and kicking, while Rusanda Panfili's violin had me in a trance.

Vocalists from the all-new blockbuster Dune, Lisa Gerrad, and Gan-ya Ben-gur Akselrod were breathtaking, as were The Nairobi Chamber Chorus Choir, who transported us to the savannahs of Kenya with their enchanting performance of This Land from The Lion King.

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A special mention must also be made of the stunning visual projections of the Hollywood films that accompanied each melody, creating a truly immersive concert experience.

But perhaps the most memorable moment of the evening came when Zimmer took centre stage himself.

During what we thought would be the last song of the night, Zimmer appeared in front of our very eyes on the O2 stage, playing the electric guitar to the haunting melody of Time, from the Christopher Nolan film Inception.

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In these intimate moments, the audience was given a glimpse into the mind of a true master, as Zimmer poured his heart and soul into each key, while working closely with each musician on the stage.

From the electrifying energy of the opening notes to the poignant beauty of the Pirates Of The Caribbean encore, The World of Hans Zimmer concert will be a show I’ll never forget.

For fans of film music, Zimmer's concert was nothing short of a dream come true, and a testament to the enduring power of his artistry.