St George’s Day is an annual celebration marked in calendars with England celebrating its patron saint.

While you might have heard of it and maybe even celebrated it, do you know when it is taking place this year?

Here’s what you need to know as the day approaches.

When is St George’s Day 2024?

St George’s Day will take place on April 23, 2024, and will mark the patron saint of England’s death, the Countryfile website explains. Happy St George’s Day #london #stgeorge #fyp #trafalgarsquare ♬ Bitter Sweet Symphony - Extended Version - The Verve

It’s thought that he died after being tortured and executed in Palestine in around AD 303.

Countryfile adds: “St George’s Day became a national holiday in England in the early 15th century, remaining until the tradition dwindled after the union with Scotland in the late 18th century.”

Often schools in England will ask pupils to dress up for St George’s Day as they learn about the history behind it.

People also take part in events across England on St George's Day.

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You might also see local businesses and pubs celebrate by adding decorations like bunting and flags to their buildings, including the England flag.

Who was St George?

Countryfile says: “Legend has it that St George slew an evil dragon that was plaguing a local town and saved a princess. It is traditionally a Christian celebration as the story goes that St George offered to kill the dragon only if the town converted to Christianity.

“Historical evidence however points to the ‘real’ St George, living in Palestine in the third century who followed in his father's footsteps to became a soldier in the Roman army, and was executed for his Christian beliefs. St George is also patron saint of Georgia and the Russian city of Moscow.”