Thanks to streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ and Now TV, we have been spoiled for choice when it comes to TV series and films to watch in recent years.

Netflix remains the most popular in the UK providing a hub of our favourite TV and films, with new original shows and movies being released constantly.

But with so much content on the streaming platform, it can often be a struggle to choose something new to watch.

Sometimes we get paralysed with all our options, but one person on the internet has shared a simple tip that could save you some time when picking a film or show.

How to find 'secret' shows on Netflix

A Reddit user has shared a guide to secret codes that will allow you to quickly narrow down your Netflix search.

You can find the fill list on Reddit and has been upvoted more than 140 times and has over 1.3k comments.

All you have to do is work out what genre of show you'd like to watch.

When entering the Netflix URL into the web browser, select the code from the list below and add it into the URL, for example, which will lead you to a host of movies or TV shows only in that certain genre.

The codes can lead to come very niche areas, for example, instead of browsing Action films, you can narrow it down to just comic books and superhero films (10118) or just martial arts films (8985).

Or if you're only interested in watching a miniseries you can type in 4814 and for classic TV shows, you can type in 46553 to get a range to choose from.