London’s Air Ambulance Charity helped a record number of patients in London last year.

New figures show the city’s only helicopter emergency service attended to 2,007 patients, as it continues its Up Against Time appeal to fund two new air ambulances, supported by this publication. 

In south east London, London Air Ambulance helped with 58 patients in Bexley, 44 in Bromley, 75 in Greenwich and 69 in Lewisham.

The south London borough with the most in need of care for 2023 was Southwark, with 103 patients, closely followed by Lambeth, with 99 patients in need.

The main source of injury for last year was assaults (28 per cent of all missions), followed by car crashes and falls from height.

London’s Air Ambulance medics were called to numerous missions in every single London borough, from the least busy borough of Sutton (17 missions) to the busiest in Westminster (108 missions).

London’s Air Ambulance Charity is in the final months of its fundraising appeal, Up Against Time, as it seeks to raise £15 million by the Autumn of this year to replace its helicopter fleet as the current helicopters become increasingly difficult to maintain.


Newsquest London appeal

London Air Ambulance medics perform life-saving treatment for patients who are critically injured with life-threatening or life-changing injuries. But the charity is up against time to replace its fleet of helicopters by next year and needs your support. Click here to donate to the appeal.

The charity is currently short of their fundraising goal and time is appealing to the people and businesses of London to help and make up the shortfall before it is too late.

The role of the Charity’s helicopters is to take medics to the patient quickly – providing the complex care patients would get in A&E at the scene for those that don’t have the time to make it back to hospital.

Contrary to popular belief, London’s Air Ambulance only rarely airlift patients.

Instead, medics are brought to the scene when time is critical - performing life-saving treatment at the scene for those patients who are critically injured with life threatening or life changing injuries.

They carry out life-saving procedures such as open chest surgery, blood transfusions, putting patients into an induced coma and reinflating collapsed lungs – anywhere in London, 24 hours a day.

Dr Tom Hurst, Medical Director, London’s Air Ambulance Charity said: “The increasing demand for our services underscores the critical need for rapid, advanced trauma care in London.

“Our dedicated team works tirelessly to deliver life-saving interventions directly to patients when every second counts.

“While our numbers reflect our impact, sustaining this level of care requires ongoing support and investment in our infrastructure and resources – and for that we need the support of the people and businesses of London.”

Jonathan Jenkins, Chief Executive, London’s Air Ambulance Charity said: "Our record-breaking numbers highlight the crucial role our service plays in saving lives across London.

“Whilst our service has never been more needed, in turn our charity has never needed the support of Londoners more.

“After not receiving the Government funding we called for, we are once more turning to the people of this city to ensure we can continue providing this vital emergency care.

“Every donation brings us closer to our goal of replacing our fleet and maintaining our life-saving operations."