A grandad was beaten to death by a drug dealer over a £30 debt. 

Shaun McEvoy, 56, was described as having a heart of gold but had been battling a drug addiction for years. 

On February 15 last year he was at his flat in Kennington when drug dealer Dedan Simmons stormed in shouting “where’s my f***ing money”. 

Simmons attacked Shaun and repeatedly stamped on his chest, inflicting internal injuries which caused him to collapse and die later that day. 

Shaun’s daughter, Carla, said: “I understand drug use. I understand his killer is a drug dealer and he has to make money for his product. I understand he needs to get paid and probably has his own bosses that he needs to pay. 

“But I cannot understand why he did this. It was a brutal act of violence for just £30. My father was not a strong man, he was not a fighting man. This did not need to happen.  

“My father has been taken away from me twice, first by drugs sold by this man, and now by his senseless murder.” 

Simmons, 40, of Clapham Road in Stockwell, was found guilty of Shaun’s murder by a jury at Woolwich Crown Court in February.

On Thursday (April 4) Simmons was jailed for life with a minimum of 16 years. 

News Shopper: Dedan Simmons, 40Dedan Simmons, 40 (Image: Met Police)

'My children will never know their grandad’ 

At Simmons’ sentencing hearing, Shaun’s daughter Carla told the court about her dad. 

“Since I can remember, he was torn between life as a father and his dependency on drugs”, she said. 

His struggles meant he was estranged for much of her life but they rebuilt their relationship when she became pregnant with her first child. 

“In spite of his struggles, he came through for me,” she said. 

“As much as he could be a pain, he had a heart of gold and was generous in spirit. 

“He would always support me when I was low. He would say ‘you’ve got this, you’re a great mum.” 

She told the court that because of Simmons’ actions her children will never know their grandad and he will not be there to watch them grow up. 

“You never think something like this could happen to someone you love. And now it has I am painfully aware that it could happen to my children,” she said. 

Shaun’s older brother, Martin, said he was a loveable guy who was laid back and funny.  He said he was intelligent and a great musician, playing guitar and piano.

Martin said: “In spite of his addiction and troubles, he was a kind and generous man. He had a heart of gold and would help where he could. 

“I know that he wanted to get clean and wanted to be the best person he could for Carla and his grandchildren. 

“I hoped that he would recover and get clean. There was a possibility that he might beat that addiction. Now we will never know what that would like like.” 

Martin added: “Shaun was murdered over a £30 drug debt. He didn’t have to do that, it was just £30. It was just so stupid and senseless. 

“He has robbed me and my family of a future with my brother. I hope that one day I would be able to forgive him.” 

‘Where’s my f***ing money” 

Prosecutor Anne Whyte had told jurors that on the morning of February 15, 2023, Shaun was at a flat on Durham Street in Kennington. 

Simmons entered the flat uninvited, looking to enforce a drug debt. 

Once inside the flat Simmons shouted “where’s my f***ing money”, stamped on Shaun’s chest and threatened to stab another person in the flat, the jury were told.   

She said: “He pushed Mr McEvoy to the floor and then he stamped on his chest heavily.   

“He then threw his weight about in what you will see was a small and somewhat congested room by picking up objects and throwing them and demanding that he be repaid his money.   

“He then left briefly, returning with a knife that he had probably found in the communal kitchen, and threatened to stab one of the other people in the room, Mr Dean Lewis.”   

Three other people were in the room with Shaun when the attack took place. One said he was sleeping when he was woken up by shouting.   

“He opened his eyes to see what he describes as a drug dealer he knows only as ‘Elvis’, who was shouting “where’s my fucking money”. He explained that they all owed ‘Elvis’ money,” Ms Whye said.   

After assaulting Mr McEvoy he said that Elvis stormed out of the room before returning with a knife.   

“He told Dean Lewis to put his hands on the table – Mr Flynn thought he was going to cut Mr Lewis’ hands off. He then describes Elvis as smashing a bowl, making further threats, and then leaving,” Ms Whyte said.al  

Ms Whyte said Shaun complained that his chest hurt and at around 3.15pm he was found lying on the bathroom floor “white as a sheet”.   

A 999 call was made but he was pronounced dead at 5.24pm with the cause of death given as blunt force trauma to the torso.