NAMING the Channel Tunnel Rail Link (CTRL) station at Ebbsfleet has sparked an outcry among Swanscombe and Greenhithe residents.

According to Dartford Council plans, the domestic and international station will be known as Kent Thames-side although the developer is yet to decide.

But this proposal has upset residents in the area who believe it should be called Ebbsfleet station.

Swanscombe and Greenhithe Town Council leader Councillor Bryan Reed said: “People in the area are very strongly opposed to the renaming of the station.

“This is a fairly old area and some parts have been around since Roman times

“How can people who don't even live here decide on what it should be called?

“Everybody in the area knows where Ebbsfleet is, but Kent Thames-side does not specify anywhere in particular. No-one will know where it is.”

Dartford councillors say the name was chosen to represent the whole area made up of Dartford and Gravesham boroughs.

They hope the branding of the station would give it more status as a business and investment destination.

Council leader Councillor John Muckle said: “We are not changing the name of an existing station or place.

“Up until now the new station was referred to by two names, but the whole project is known as Kent-Thames-side so it makes sense for that to be the station's new name.

“All the other stations along the line got their names from the existing stations, but in this instance there is nothing there to name it after.

“Dartford Council will reconsider the name, but I doubt whether it will be changed to Ebbsfleet.”

But Paul Ravenscroft, a spokesman for Union Railways, which is the principal developer of the CTRL and will be responsible for choosing the name, said: “The name Kent Thames-side is not set in stone and when the time comes we will make sure all interested parties are consulted.”