Standing in front of over 300 people is a challenge that not many can handle. We had 24 brave contestants in this year's public speaking competition. Out of them I got to witness 12 and spoke to the winner of the of the year 9 and 10 public speaking competition, Tony.


I asked her what she thought about her performance, and she said she thought her performance wasn’t “great” and she felt that the “audience was getting bored at times”. But what was important was that she persevered through it.

 After watching all the speeches anxiety develops as you go up and preps are to perform your own speech. It was I treading listening to the variety of speeches form humorous to infrmative to emotional. The diffent speeches brought you to reality  and were all ‘pretty good’ as said by Mia.

It was an opportunity to try something that you might not get a chance to do otherwise even with the tension building it it was interesting to see what people’s passions where as they stood on the stage and presented their ideas and thoughts on a personal or chosen topic.

It was a task that took courage practise dedication and time management. Performing a speech in under three mins is a difficult task in which you need to work on your pace, pause, diction and even your posture. It is something that takes time to master and was displacing very well as they all fought for first place. It is a fun and interesting experience everyone should try once