On Friday the 22nd of March, the students at Newstead Wood came together for “We Are Newstead Day” - a day filled with colour, flavour and excitement whilst celebrating the rich diversity of the school community. 

Dressed in full ethnic attire, students from a variety of cultural backgrounds gathered for this exciting event. It was a unique opportunity for exploration and understanding of the diversity at Newstead, where students were able to indulge in delicious cultural food and learn about different customs and beliefs.

Students went all out to showcase the beauty of their cultures. Although lessons went about as normal, there was definitely a lingering sense of community in the air, as the wave of green that normally crowded the corridors was replaced by an array of vibrant colours and accessories. 

The end of Period 4 was met with anticipation and excitement, commencing the start of the Newstead Cultural Fair. Students and teachers pooled into our Sports Hall, which was filled with around 40 stalls, representing countries and cuisine from around the world. From jollof rice and Buldak noodles to pani puri to jalebi, each stall offered a glimpse into the cultural cuisine at Newstead, whilst making sure there was something to satisfy every palate. 

Aside from the food, the stalls also offered an enticing range of cultural creations, such as intricately designed candles to elegant waist beads. The fair also served as a platform for students to gain valuable insights into organisational and business skills, whilst raising funds for numerous charities, such as The British Red Cross. It was ultimately an amazing and entertaining experience, ignoring the fact that most of our wallets were left in despair.

The day ended with a spectacular fashion runway, showcasing the beautiful and intricate clothing from different parts of the Newstead community. Their efforts paid off as student volunteers modelled for us, strutting down the runway with style and elegance that surely couldn’t be found elsewhere. From Indian saris to Russian dresses, each ensemble reflected the uniqueness and beauty of our community at Newstead.

Aside from the amazing food and beautiful clothes, it gives us the opportunity to embrace our diversity and come together as a community. Being an annual event, students are already looking forward to next year with the same, if not more, enthusiasm, hoping it’ll live up to its name and provide us with another fun and exciting day.