On Friday the 22nd of March, students and staff at Newstead Wood School celebrated their traditions and heritage as they dressed to the nines for Cultural Clothes Day.  

Koshitha Sriram is a Year 12 student at the school who has taken part in the event since Year 10. Representing her Indian culture, she wore a gorgeous purple and gold half saree to walk the runway set up for the annual lunch-time celebration in the main hall. 

The runway has become an iconic symbol of Newstead Wood’s celebration of cultural diversity, with artists performing on the extended stage at ‘APOS- A Pinch Of Spice’ the night before. APOS is put together by the Afro-Caribbean society at the school and features guest artists as well as student-led dances, speeches, and songs. 

... a beautiful sight...

Koshitha was grateful to get the chance to “watch an APOS dance performance” with her classmates at lunchtime, stating that “it was a beautiful sight to see all the different cultural clothing and magical performances.” 

Cultural Clothes Day at Newstead Wood allows students to “enjoy seeing all the different cultures around us,” explains Koshitha, as she reminisces about her memories of the event in recent years. Last year, Koshitha opted for a lehengha, and in Year 10, she wore a chudidhar.  

Of course, many students at Newstead Wood celebrate their culture year-round, which must contribute to the extremely welcoming and accepting environment at the school. Koshitha finds that “Food is the main way of connecting with any culture as there are many different dishes for everyone’s specific taste!” 

Now, as schools break up for the Easter holiday, take a chance to celebrate not only your own culture but to dive in and explore the diversity of the cultures around us. Perhaps, follow Koshitha’s advice and try a new cuisine to expand your palate!