A Greenwich bar is at risk of losing its alcohol licence after police claim a fight that took place outside the venue earlier this month saw members of staff ‘using wooden chair legs as weapons’.

Danfe Restaurant and Bar in Plumstead is having its licence reviewed by Greenwich Council after a fight took place outside it.

The application for the review, sent by the Met Police, said a fight took place outside the bar at approximately 11.33pm on March 2.

The fight reportedly began as an argument and escalated to some individuals taking their belts off and using them to hit others.

The police report said: “CCTV from the local authority was viewed. This showed a group of around nine people on Walmer Terrace fighting and some were using buckled belts. [A staff member] was then seen armed with what appears to be a wooden chair leg. He proceeds to get involved with the fight and can be seen striking one of the males.”

It added: “Another member of staff from the premises is also seen with a large wooden bat-like object hitting one of the male suspects whilst out on the street. The police quickly arrive and arrest four suspects.”

The application claimed that no staff members contacted the police throughout the incident. Council officers also said in their report that the club was temporarily closed in September 2022 after a customer claimed they had been assaulted by a staff member.

The space was reopened after police implemented conditions – such as having a working CCTV system and incident log available – were satisfied.

The Met said in their application that they were deeply concerned by the actions of the bar’s staff during the incident on March 2.

They added that they feared another serious incident could happen unless the venue’s licence was suspended.

Greenwich Council decided to suspend the bar’s licence to sell alcohol on March 8 until the full hearing for the venue takes place on April 2.

The council will have the power to modify the scope and hours of the existing licence, as well as suspending or revoking the licence entirely.