Residents have been evacuated from their homes due to concerns for a man who has reportedly "barricaded himself into an address in Catford with a gas canister".

Emergency services were called to Daneby Road at 6.30pm on March 25 after concerns were raised for the welfare of a man inside a home, which has since caused a three-day standoff.

Police confirmed that no one else is believed to be inside the home and the man reportedly has a 15kg gas canister inside with him, according the Evening Standard.

Cordons and road closures are in place as officers attempt to engage with the man.

Some neighbours have been evacuated from their homes, as police have said they “aim to get everyone who’s been evacuated back in as soon as possible”.

Some are taking refuge in the Catford Salvation Army nearby, with many being able to sleep in their homes during the ordeal.

A statement on the charity's Facebook page says: "We are still assisting with the response to the dangerous situation in Catford.

“We are hosting 22 local residents while they have been evacuated from their homes. Many of whom have not slept all night.

“Please pray for them and the man they are trying to get to surrender"

Officers have urged people to avoid the area and thanked residents for their patience as the incident is being dealt with.

The News Shopper exclusively spoke with a resident in Daneby Road, who wishes to be kept anonymous, who claimed that residents have been told to stay inside for their safety.

She said: “You can go outside and leave your home away from the scene but if you want to come back you need to be escorted by police.

“I asked a police officer if I could go to the park as it’s nice weather, but they said you can go but we’ll have to escort you back to your home.

“It’s all cordoned off with red tape and I’ve seen police officers with big guns.

“We’ve been told to stay home and lock our doors for our own safety. Everyone is concerned.”

Detective Superintendent James Derham, from the local policing team in south east London, said: “I would like to thank the local community for their co-operation and patience while this matter remains ongoing.

“I do not underestimate the impact this will be having on their day to day lives, especially those who have been displaced.

“We are working closely with a number of partners, including the local authority, to ensure that any disruption to residents and those travelling through Bellingham and Catford is kept to a minimum.

“Our priority is to bring this matter to a safe conclusion for everyone involved.

“We would then aim to get everyone home as quickly as possible.”

A spokesperson for Metropolitan Police said in a previous statement: “Officers and emergency services are on scene Daneby Road, SE6 after concerns were raised for the welfare of a man inside a property at the location.

“No one else is believed to be inside. “Officers are attempting to engage with the man and bring the matter to a safe conclusion.

“Cordons and road closures remain in place while the situation is ongoing.

“We thank local residents for their patience and advise people to avoid the area.”