Have you ever wished for an imaginary world of wonder, friendship, and lots of fun to burst into reality?  

Well, this will be a dream come true for all you who have been enthralled by book series, movies of fiction or maybe even those who've never heard of them before. 

Warner Brother’s Studio for Harry Potter is one of these many wonders brought to life by the Thinkwell Group. It is based on the Harry Potter films made from the Harry Potter book series written by J.K Rowling. The story follows a young boy, aged 11, and his years at the magical school of Hogwarts, where he learns about the world of witches and wizards, makes friends, loses some, all these events leading to a major battle between the cunning and ruthless dark wizard, Voldemort.  

Reality warps around you as you walk through magnificent halls of the world of Harry Potter, and you are gradually transported away to a place of imagination and magic. The tour consists of all the behind the scenes of the filming of Harry Potter such as the props, costumes, sets and so much more. It has an area for food and drinks and should you wish it, numerous mugs of butterbeer await you there. There’s even includes a special theme around the year such as Return to Azkaban or Dark Arts.  

The theme when I went there was Magical Mischief and it was enrapturing. As my first experience there, I felt immersed in the plethora of how the settings, features, characters, and mystical creatures were brought to life. The tour was incredibly flexible as it allowed you to walk at your own pace and enjoy each of the details however long you wanted to. There was no guide unless you wished for a digital guide to explain what you were walking through. And although majority of the tour was walking around, and eating and relaxing were a miniscule amount of 1%, I was profoundly mesmerised by the wonders that I failed to notice if I had aching feet or even how long I spent there. Magical mischief meant that there were special features of Fred and George Weasley with flashes and firework-like aspects.  

Overall, I think that the experience can’t fully be described in any number of words, for the complex is expansive yet exquisite by bringing the films and imagination to life. The feeling of pure ecstasy (especially if you’re a Harry Potter fan) is something that can only be exactly understood if you decide to go there. I recommend that people should certainly go there, be it once or many times. It is an experience that includes friendly staff, finger-licking food and is utterly spellbinding.