Are you looking to discover your hidden skills in journalism? The Young Reporter’s Program is the platform for you. This enables a way for teenagers to discover potential paths in this field for the future. This competition is conducted by selecting a topic of your choice and writing an article on it. Not only can you get credited for the calibre of your writing, but the innovative ideas for even just the topic. 

In 2022, Yuti Kumar was one of the finalists (as well as winners) for this competition. Here is an insight of what she thought of this course. Yuti acknowledges it was an honour to even participate this project, she had high hopes to win but due to the many fascinating entries that year, it must have made the decision difficult. One of the biggest learning experiences she had that she would like to pass on was to always put yourself out there. More than writing the article itself, she found the task of searching for an intriguing topic to write about (that could potentially appeal to over 30 million readers) very inspiring. As well as this the process of going out to interview people certainly increased her awareness of interesting activities going on in the community. 

As a result to her win, Yuti was rewarded with a trip to the London Dungeon which provided her yet another topic to write about. Although this was a place she had visited before, going through this programme helped her view this trip through a different lens and a fresh perspective, enabling her to concentrate on and discover more thoughts from behind the scenes.