A busy March in London's courts has seen a huge number of south Londoners jailed.

Among them are an abusive Metropolitan Police officer, a fish and chip shop worker who groomed and abused a teenage girl, and teens who stabbed a boy at The O2 Arena.

Here are the names and faces of South Londoners who are now behind bars.

PC Isaque Rodrigues-Leite

News Shopper: PC Isaque Rodrigues-LeitePC Isaque Rodrigues-Leite (Image: Met Police)Met Police officer Isaque Rodrigues-Leite abused his wife then told her  “no one will believe you because I am a police officer”. 

He had abused his wife before he joined the Met but his offending “escalated” when he joined the police force. 

While he was a serving officer he trapped his wife in a caravan and a bedroom, hit her with a car, and threatened her with a knife. 

During arguments, Rodrigues-Leite, based in the Roads and Transport Policing Command, told his victim that “no one will believe you because I am a police officer”. 

He also repeatedly held her arms down, “made fists” at her, and threatened to hurt her. 

He was jailed for two years and three months.

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Jasamritpal Singh

News Shopper: Jasamritpal SinghJasamritpal Singh (Image: Met Police)Fish and chip shop worker Jasamritpal Singh, 34, groomed and sexually abused a girl under the age of 15.

He met girl when she went to The Parade Fish Bar in Crayford to buy food. 

He later bought her vapes and alcohol, grooming her into sexual activity. 

The girl said Singh had raped her and threatened her not to tell anyone. 

Singh denied everything until incriminating messages were found on his phone, at which point he pleaded guilty to five charges of sexual activity with a child. 

He was jailed for eight years and six months with an extended licence period of five years due to the threat he poses to children. 

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Darren McKenna and Daniel Domala

News Shopper: Darren McKenna and Daniel DomalaDarren McKenna and Daniel Domala (Image: Met Police)

Darren McKenna, 38, of Swallands Road in Bellingham, and Daniel Domala, 38, of King Alfred Road in Bellingham, ran a lucrative drugs operation across the Lewisham borough. 

McKenna, dad of Nigel Farage's daughter's boyfriend, was the ringleader of the operation while Domala was a key player.

Lacey Tilley, McKenna's partner, was also part of the operation.

When McKenna’s home on Swallands Road in Bellingham was raided in October 2022, 178grams of crack cocaine was found as well as £5,600 in cash. 

Tilley’s home on Farmfield Road in Bromley was also raided, £4,500 in cash and 36grams of crack cocaine was found. 

McKenna was jailed for six years and eight months, while Tilley was given a two-year community order. 

Domala, of King Alfred Avenue in Bellingham, was jailed three years.

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Simeon Olagundoye, Caydon Hutchinson and a 17-year-old

News Shopper: Olagundoye (left) and Hutchinson (right)Olagundoye (left) and Hutchinson (right) (Image: Met Police)Simeon Olagundoye, Caydon Hutchinson and a 17-year-old (who cannot be identified because of his age) were jailed for a horror knife attack in front of terrified children at The O2 Arena.

The trio entered Cineworld inside the Greenwich arena at around 3pm on February 22 last year, a court heard. 

When they spotted another youth that they had “issues” with, the 17-year-old pulled out a huge knife and stabbed the victim multiple times while his two mates kicked and punched at the boy.

At one point the knife fell to the floor, at which point Olagundoye picked it up and handed it to Hutchinson who stabbed the victim again. 

They then ran from the cinema and dumped the knife in a bush before being arrested. 

Olagundoye, 18, from Croydon, was sentenced to four years in custody while Hutchinson, 18, of Kirkdale Road in Sydenham, was given three years and seven months. 

The 17-year-old was given three years and two months in custody. 

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Stafford Manahan

News Shopper: Stafford Manahan, 43Stafford Manahan, 43 (Image: Met Police)

Stafford Manahan, 43, of Northwood Road in Thornton Heath, tortured a man from Penge with boiling water as he wanted to steal his Universal Credit money.

Manahan abused his friendship with a vulnerable man by getting him drunk then threatening to pour boiling water over him unless he told him his PIN number. 

When the victim refused, Manahan carried out the threat multiple times. 

The man, who had suffered severe burns to 55 per cent of his body, wasn’t found for three days because he was unable to walk due to his burns and Manahan had taken his phone. 

He spent the next three months in hospital.

Manahan had denied both charges but after a five-day trial a jury took just over two hours to find him guilty. 

A judge sentenced Manahan to 13 years in prison, saying: “You showed absolutely not one jot of remorse for your appalling conduct.” 

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Bobby Irving

News Shopper: Bobby Irving, 29Bobby Irving, 29 (Image: DOPE LIVE)Bobby Irving, 29, of Montacute Road in New Addington, invited a 12-year-old girl to spend a night in a hotel with him.

The dad-of-two had been sending filthy messages to the girl, but when he arrived at the tram stop to meet her he found himself confronted by paedophile hunters who ran the decoy account he had been messaging.  

He blames beer and cocaine for his offending. 

 Irving was sentenced to three years and nine months in prison. 

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John Condeh

News Shopper: John Condeh, 35John Condeh, 35 (Image: Sussex Police)

Drug dealer John Condeh, 35, of High Street in Peckham, who spent years on the run, was caught due to a car purchase.

He was arrested in July 2020 after an anonymous report that a drug dealer was operating in St Leonards, East Sussex. 

When officers entered the property, they found a large bundle of heroin and crack cocaine in the chair he was sitting in. 

They also found keys to a car which contained around £1,400 in cash. 

Condeh was charged with possession with intent to supply heroin and crack cocaine, and possession of criminal property. 

But he failed to attend court and spent over three years on the run before being caught.

He was jailed for two years and 11 months.

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Thomas Smith 

News Shopper: Thomas Smith Thomas Smith (Image: Innocent Voices)Thomas Smith, 27, of Oakhurst Avenue in Bexleyheath, tried to meet a 13-year-old girl at Bexleyheath Station. 

He had sent sexual messages and a photo of his penis to what he thought was a young girl.  

But when he turned up to meet her on November 25 last year he was greeted by a team of paedophile hunters who detained him and live streamed his arrest on Facebook. 

Smith had been exchanging messages with the account since October 11.  

On March 7, Smith was jailed for two years. 

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Kel Thompson 

News Shopper: Kel ThompsonKel Thompson (Image: BTP)Kel Thompson, 21, of Lodge Lane in New Addington, threatened a man with a 20-inch blade on a south London train.   

On May 3 last year a young man boarded a train from West Croydon to Victoria in the early afternoon.  

Thompson got on the train at Thornton Heath with his hood up and a blue facemask on.  

He sat next to the victim and asked: “What ends are you from?”  

The victim replied: “I’m not your problem, guy.”  

When Thompson continued to try to intimidate him, the victim punched Thompson.  

Thompson then pulled out a huge knife and told the victim to hand over his Louis Vuitton bag, his phone and his headphones.  

He then warned the victim: “You better not say anything, I know your face.”  

Thompson was arrested at his home the following month and police discovered a second weapon. 

He was jailed for two years and eight months on March 7. 

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Joshua Jacques 

News Shopper: Joshua JacquesJoshua Jacques (Image: Met Police)Joshua Jacques, 29, of Minard Road in Lewisham, stabbed his girlfriend and three of her family members to death as a “sacrifice”. 

He was fuelled by drugs and alcohol when he attacked Samantha Drummonds and her family with a knife in their home in Delaford Road, Bermondsey.  

Police found the bodies of Ms Drummonds, 27, her mother Tanysha Ofori-Akuffo, 45, grandmother Dolet Hill, 64, and Ms Hill’s partner, Denton Burke, 58, after being alerted to a disturbance by a neighbour.  

Officers found Mr Burke’s body at the foot of the stairs and the three women “heaped together” in the kitchen. 

Armed officers discovered Jacques naked and lying in the upstairs bathroom in a praying position, screaming “Allah, take me!”, “Kill me now”, “Get rid of me”, and “God please forgive me”.  

Later, at Lewisham Hospital, Jacques said: “I ain’t even in the wrong, I did them for sacrifice”, and also warned: “I will do something stupid again.”  

He admitted manslaughter but denied murder on the basis that he was mentally unwell at the time.  

An Old Bailey jury deliberated for two hours to find Jacques guilty of four counts of murder. 

He was jailed for life with a minimum term of 46 years on March 1. 

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James Bainbridge

News Shopper: James BainbridgeJames Bainbridge (Image: Met Police)

James Bainbridge, 28, from Bexley, tried to film a woman using the toilet just weeks after he was released from prison.

He has previously been jailed for attempting to meet a teenage girl for sex, sexually assault a child under the age of 13 and possessing indecent images of children. 

In January this year he was released from prison on licence having served a three year sentence. 

But within weeks Bainbridge was arrested again when a woman spotted a phone in a bathroom. 

Police attended but the woman decided not to make a complaint against Bainbridge. 

However, police looked through his phone and found four indecent images of children. 

The phone had not been registered with police, making it a breach of his Sexual Harm Prevention Order (SHPO). 

He has now been jailed for 18 months.

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Luke Jackson, Billy Harrison, Perry Lovejoy and Harry Sales

News Shopper: Top row, Jackson and Lovejoy. Bottom row, Harrison and Sales Top row, Jackson and Lovejoy. Bottom row, Harrison and Sales (Image: Sussex Police)A gang of keyless car thieves who stole over 50 high end motors were jailed.

Luke Jackson, 28, of Shoreham Close in Croydon, Billy Harrison, 30, of Tollers Lane in Coulsdon, Perry Lovejoy, 29, from Horley, and Harry Sales, 28, of Cornwall Road in Croydon were all jailed for their roles in the thefts.

The gang's thefts took place over the course of a year across multiple counties in the southeast of England. 

Officers discovered that the gang used the ‘relay attack’ technique to target keyless luxury vehicles including Rolls Royces, Bentleys, Land Rovers, Range Rovers and Alfa Romeos. 

The method involves using a master device to copy the signal of a vehicle's key and transmitting it to a second smaller device, which replicates the key and unlocks the car. 

Perry Lovejoy was sentenced to three years in prison and handed a nine-month consecutive sentence for admitting being concerned in the supply of cannabis, after officers found incriminating messages on his phone. 

Harrison and Sales were locked up for three years each. 

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Houcine Argoub

News Shopper: Houcine ArgoubHoucine Argoub (Image: NCA)

Houcine Argoub, 32, of High Street in Bromley, worked with Moroccan national Jamal Elkhadir to smuggle 39 migrants, including a six-year-old boy, out of the UK in the back of a lorry. 

In September 2023 they met in a layby near Sandwich in Kent. 

Officers saw Argoub park a van next to Elkhadir’s Moroccan registered lorry and a number of people were seen to climb from Argoub’s van into the back of the lorry. 

National Crime Agency (NCA) officers intercepted the lorry, which could only be opened from the outside, when it arrived at the docks in Dover. 

Officers found 39 North African migrants in the back, including a family travelling with their six-year-old son and a teenage girl. 

Elkhadir was arrested at the dock but Argoub was arrested at his home in Bromley two months later. 

Both Elkhadir and Argoub pleaded guilty to assisting unlawful immigration when they appeared at Canterbury Crown Court,

Elkhadir was sentenced to six years and nine months imprisonment and Argoub received a prison sentence of five years and three months. 

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Graham Manser 

News Shopper: Graham ManserGraham Manser (Image: Met Police)Graham Manser, 37, from Bromley, sent filthy photos and messages to a 13-year-old girl. 

He was arrested at his family home after he sent a photo of his penis and asked the girl to send him naked videos.  

Fortunately, the girl that Manser was messaging was actually a decoy posing as a young girl.  

When Manser messaged the fictitious ‘girl’ in October last year she immediately told him “I’m 13 years old”.  

Manser replied: “I bet you look cute”. 

On March 4 he was jailed for two years and eight months. 

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Darren Soyemi, Tashan Bailey-Brown, Kevaniel Perkins-Robinson and Denzel Ealmeida

News Shopper: Denzel Ealmeida, Darren Soyemi, Tashan Bailey-Brown, Kevaniel Perkins-RobinsonDenzel Ealmeida, Darren Soyemi, Tashan Bailey-Brown, Kevaniel Perkins-Robinson (Image: Met Police)

Four south London men were jailed after a brutal knife assault in Southwark which left a victim with more than 60 stab wounds. 

On New Year's Day 2023, Tashan Bailey-Brown, Denzel Ealmeida, Darren Soyemi and Kevaniel Perkins-Robinson attacked an 18-year-old in Seeley Drive at 11.40pm. 

Paramedics transported the severely injured victim to hospital, where it was discovered that he had over 60 stab wounds. 

Bailey-Brown, Ealmeida, and Soyemi tried to flee from the officers in a car but were stopped in East Dulwich’s Lordship Lane. 

They then tried to flee on foot, but were stopped and detained. 

Tashan Bailey-Brown, 23, of Meadowview Road, SE6, was jailed for 24 years; he was also given a five-year extended licence of release. 

Denzel Ealmeida, 22, of Elam Close, SE5, was jailed for 31 years. 

Darren Soyemi, 25, of no fixed abode was jailed for 31 years. 

Kevaniel Perkins-Robinson, 24, of Cato Road, SW4 was jailed for 31 years. 

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Lewis Falegan and Reis Bhandal 

News Shopper: Lewis Falegan and Reis BhandalLewis Falegan and Reis Bhandal (Image: Kent Police)Lewis Falegan, of Ashburnham Road in Belvedere, and Reis Bhandal, of Shirley Close in Dartford, were involved in a county drug line. 

On September 4, 2023, officers were on patrol in Gravesend when they noticed someone driving a Ford Kuga erratically on the road. 

It sped away from the officers who chased it up the A2 towards London until Station Road, Belvedere, where the car came to a halt. 

The two 23-year-old's then fled on foot but were caught by officers. 

The vehicle was displaying false number plates, and it was later discovered that it had been stolen from Dulwich. 

Officers seized more than 40 wraps of cocaine and heroin which they found in and around the car as well as four mobile phones. 

Cash was seized from a bag Bhandal was wearing and around £10,000 was recovered from his home address. 

On March 1 they were each sentenced to five years and seven months in prison. 

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Mukhtar Jama

News Shopper: Mukhtar JamaMukhtar Jama (Image: Met Police)Mukhtar Jama, 35,  sexually assaulted a woman in a wheelchair at St Mary’s Hospital.

The female patient was being wheeled back to a ward when Jama approached her, a court heard. 

He took her right hand and kissed it while asking if she was ok, before he moved closer and groped her breasts.

The court heard that Jama had four previous convictions for sexual assaults. 

He sentenced Jama to one year in prison after concluding that an immediate custodial sentence was necessary due to the threat he poses to women. 

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Stephen Dynan

News Shopper: Stephen DynanStephen Dynan (Image: Met Police)

Stephen Dynan, 37, of Wolsey Crescent in Croydon, was jailed after messages on his phone revealed his plans to supply five kilos of cocaine and get his hands on a skorpion machine gun.

Evidence showed that he was using an encrypted device to try and hide his criminal activities and was involved with a plan to import and supply drugs from overseas.

Officers analysed the messages on the encrypted device and found that Dynan was using the name ‘Hastybasil’ in the conversations.

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They revealed discussions of large amounts of drugs being imported and moved by Encrochat, which was a Europe-based communications network and service provider that offered modified smartphones allowing encrypted communication.

He was also involved in the planning of a burglary which would involve falsely imprisoning multiple people.

Dynan was given a 12 year sentence.