On Saturday, March 23, Thorpe Park reopened after its winter, and my sister, mum and I went to try it out.

I had been before, but only in the summer, and my sister and mum had never been, so the journey was filled with a mixture of anticipation and fear for them.

We had been to Pleasure Beach, which has the biggest rollercoaster in the UK, but I told them that Thorpe Park has Stealth – the fastest rollercoaster in the UK.

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Thorpe Park opens at 10am, but being optimistic, I arrived at 9.10am hoping the park would be fairly empty and we’d be the first to get on the rides.

But when we got inside the park, we saw that some employees were running straight for the rides, as though they hadn’t tested the rides earlier.

Once it turned 10am, the employees opened the gate and it felt like a horror movie: everybody was running straight for Colossus – the rollercoaster with 10 loops.

 It felt like everybody was running from dinosaurs as we were all running away from the gates and deeper into the park.

However, when we got to the ride, we were met with two employees who explained that Colossus had not been tested yet.

So, everybody who had ran all the way to Colossus instead went straight to the nearest ride – Saw – which, by 10.15am, was closed down because of engineering issues.

We did finally get on the ride after queuing for about 90 minutes, and it was worth it and a great one to start off with.

My sister kept her eyes closed for each drop, my mum would scream, and I would, very badly, sing off-tune.

We hoped that the new Hyperia ride would be open after much anticipation, but the ride wasn't seen operating once all day, and we were told it would be open in April instead.

We then queued for the longest 20 minutes to go on Zodiac, which was fairly relaxing.

Afterwards, we decided to get kebabs for lunch, and at the perfect time, because once we got inside it started to rain heavily, and everybody scrambled into KFC.

The rain didn’t last too long, but it was enough to stop all the rides for operating for a while.

While we waited, we got four churros for £10, and then played at the stalls, where my sister, somehow, won a big fluffy ball which she is calling Louis after Louis Walsh.

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For the rest of the day, we queued and went on Nemesis Inferno, the Ghost Train, and The Walking Dead.

The Ghost Train is highly underrated in my opinion as while queuing I had no idea how much detail and story and realism came with the experience.

We went on an actual train and the actors made the experience entirely different to what I expected.

When we went on Stealth, I was pretty cruel by making my sister, who was nervous about going on the ride, sit alone.

The worst part is definitely the launch – it doesn’t start off slowly, they blast you off at 80mph.

But once we came down, she was so proud of herself for actually doing it.

At the end of the day, it was about eight degrees, but I was determined to go on Tidal Waves, the wettest ride at the park.

I sat at the front, while my sister and mum, thinking they wouldn’t get soaked, sat at the back.

When we got off, THEY were wetter than I was, and we got a great picture in front of a splash that looked like an angel.

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We spent the last twenty minutes standing on the bridge of Tidal Waves to see the big splash up close.

The park closes at 6pm, and we were happy to hear that we would get rainy day guarantee to return later this year.

Despite the rain and the constant engineering issues, we had a GREAT day and will definitely go again.