Residents from south east London and beyond have rallied around a Greenwich chippy owner, who was told to remove a "brilliant" painted mural from outside his shop.

Chris Kanizi, owner of The Golden Chippy on Greenwich High Road, commissioned the mural which featured a cartoon fish waving a Union Jack Flag and the phrase "A Great British Meal".

Yet, despite its popularity, the future of the mural is uncertain following a demand from Greenwich Council to remove it.

News Shopper: Some have said the Golden Chippy mural brightens up the areaSome have said the Golden Chippy mural brightens up the area (Image: The Golden Chippy)

On Facebook, Greenwich residents, and even those from further afield, have got behind the mural and applauded owner Chris for fighting against its removal.

Mum Leah Calderwood, said the council should keep it.

She said: "It's not advertising, my kids love murals and always have to stop so my girls can have a photo with murals.

"Honestly not enough around.

"I think it's brightens up the place."

News Shopper: The Golden Chippy is the best fish and chip shop in all of LondonThe Golden Chippy is the best fish and chip shop in all of London (Image: Immy Share)

However, while many described the mural as "brilliant", one disgruntled resident simply thought it was a "tacky eyesore".

Others thought it should be kept as a sign of pride in our country, with Ian Mitchell saying people should "be proud to be British".

Christine Dalton added: "Fish and chips is part of being British, it's a staple that kept people going throughout the war years.

"This is our flag, we are proud of both, keep them both alive."

Sophie-Jayne Anderson joked: "Get Banksy to add to it and it’ll be protected."

Since opening in 2004, The Golden Chippy has become a local institution, much-loved for its traditional fish and chips, pies, and chicken dishes.

Some former customers have even offered their support on the mural.

Alison Nicely said: "Keep going.

"He used to be my local chippy.

"Always generous to my family.

"Thank you."

News Shopper: Owner Chris says he seems to be getting support from 'the whole of the UK'Owner Chris says he seems to be getting support from 'the whole of the UK' (Image: Immy Share)

Chris said the painting, which cost £250, is adored by locals and tourists alike.

He told the News Shopper: "It puts a smile on everybody's face, there are so many international customers coming from all over the world and they're standing in front of this mural taking pictures."

The Golden Chippy mural has even received support from Scotland.

William Degnan said on Facebook: "Am from North of the border and I agree with the rest of the comments your getting.

"Keep it up.

"Good Luck."

Greenwich Council said that the removal order was "nothing to do with the Union Flag", and was instead because the mural was an "unauthorised advert".

Indeed, some Greenwich residents mentioned this on Facebook.

Roy Munn said: "He put it up in a conservation area!

"Of course he’s gonna have to take it down!

"He’s done it before.

"And both times never consulted with the council.

"If he threw up an extension in that area with out consent he’d have to rip it down!"

In their latest statement, the council welcomed Chris "to apply for advert consent in line with the conservation area he is in".

A spokesperson for the Royal Borough of Greenwich said: "The advert has been painted, without any permission, in a conservation area, close to a World Heritage Site.

"The Council is acting according to Government planning laws, as it would with any unauthorised advert.

"Any suggestions this is because of the Union Flag are disingenuous and untrue."

Chris told the News Shopper that he is currently seeking advice from a solicitor regarding the mural's future.