Melina Hazewood- ‘Dear boy’.

Melina Hazewood’s new song ‘Dear Boy’ was released on the 1st of March 2024, it has been extremely successful and got to over 2,000, on Spotify alone, in the first two weeks of its release. This is a huge achievement as she has only just started releasing songs. If the song keeps increasing at this same rate it could reach a whopping 48,000 streams by the end of this year!

Melina wrote this song in 2020, one day she randomly had the melody and lyrics to the first verse on her mind. She explained that she immediately recorded it, knowing that it could be a catchy song. 2 years later she met with her producer, Lenny Bunn, and was able to add all the instruments she had been thinking of and recorded the song fully. This song was ultimately Lenny Bunn’s favourite of the 12 she recorded at the time, and is still one of Melina’s favourites now.

Melina explained to me that this song was really fun to put together and the instruments really brought it to life. ‘Dear boy’ is a song about a guy who idealises a girl and puts her on a pedestal, and is in love with the idea of her and not who she truly is. The girl plays around with the fact that she is seen as a ‘goddess’ whilst trying to kindly talk some sense into this guy. Ultimately, she wants to be loved for who she really is, not how he perceives her. The song was not written about a particular person as she was not dating anyone at the time instead, it was written about what she had seen around her. She had seen that, especially in young people, when you like someone you tend to idealise them without knowing who they really are. She wanted to address this in a light-hearted, playful way and likes that the catchy melody of this song captures the reality in a way that de-dramatizes the concept.

‘Dear Boy’ has already gotten a lot more streams than Melina’s first single ‘Powerful’, she is hoping that the streams will keep increasing as the feedback she has been getting is very positive. Melina is wanting to do a music video for ‘Dear Boy’ but will focus on that after the end of her exams in June.

Since her release of ‘Dear Boy’ Melina is planning on releasing a new song every two months. Her next song will be ‘Our memories are now ghosts’ which is about the haunting memories of a past love.

When I first listened to this song I immediately loved it, I was singing it for the rest of the day! Go and listen to ‘Dear Boy’ now.

Here is the link to the song on Spotify:

Also, find Melina on Instagram @melina_hazewood.