A BEXLEY woman is hoping News Shopper readers can throw some light on a mystery object seen falling from the sky at the height of last night's storm.

Jean Carpenter, who lives just off Bexleyheath Broadway, was watching the spectacular lightning display from the back step of her home with her son.

Mrs Carpenter, who is in her 70s, said: "We were looking southwards towards Bexley Village at about 9.40pm when we saw an object falling from the sky.

"It was all lit up, as if it was on fire and was just dropping straight down."

She added: "In the light from the lightning we could see a vapour or smoke trail behind it."

Mrs Carpenter described it as "a ball of fire".

She and her son were concerned that it might have been a small plane which had been struck by lightning.

She said: "We tuned into all the television and radio news bulletins, but we heard nothing."

Mrs Carpenter says the object could have crashed as far away as Bromley, but inquiries by News Shopper to the emergency services have so far failed to find anything.

Did you see the fireball dropping from the sky, or do you know what it was Mrs Carpenter saw?

If you know anything about the incident call 01689 885723.