London Underground drivers are set to stage two strikes in April and May over a long-running dispute over terms and conditions.

Members of the Aslef union will walk out of work on April 8 and May 4, creating travel misery for commuters across London.

Finn Brennan, the union’s organiser on the London Underground said the company had failed to give assurances to members that changes to terms and conditions would not be made without agreement.

London Underground drivers to stage strike action in April and May over terms and conditions

News Shopper: Aslef is in dispute with the London Underground over terms and conditions.Aslef is in dispute with the London Underground over terms and conditions. (Image: PA)

The Aslef organiser said: “Despite a previous commitment to withdraw plans for massive changes to drivers’ working conditions, London Underground management has established a full-time team of managers preparing to impose their plans.

“They want drivers to work longer shifts, spending up to 25% more time in the cab, and to remove all current working agreements in the name of flexibility and efficiency.

“Everyone knows what these management buzz words really mean. It’s about getting people to work harder and longer for less.”

Aslef members voted 98% in favour of strike action during a recent ballot by the trade union.

This comes after members went on strike last year over the same dispute regarding terms and conditions for workers on the LU.