Online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay have been increasingly popular in recent years and are frequently used for online purchasing. Now let’s discuss the thought process underlying this business model. 

About Sunvis Stores

Sunvis is a proactive and enterprising website in the e-commerce industry. This business was initiated by a couple in 2011, starting their business by selling their first orders on eBay, soon expanding it to the Amazon marketplace. Starting small, this business has grown, managing to set up their own (website, ensuring to bring the best, most affordable products and services to their customers. They are known for their diverse market, and this comes with acute business acumen. Overall, this business wholistically relies on the strategies tapping into the market parameters and understanding the customer’s pulse.  

Given that coworking spaces encourage greater discussions and in-depth decision-making, it is likely that there were numerous challenges involved in sharing a workplace with a spouse. This couple, who have been working together for over a decade, believes that what matters most is your level of trust in them because they each need to have a comparable level of passion for the success and well-being of the company. 

Over the years, as we can tell, the demand for online sales have increased, raising the turnover as well. In 2016, Sunvis reached a significant milestone by initiating a turnover of £500,000. As a result of their proactive growth, in addition to sales from other platforms, 70% of their sales now originate from their own website. 

Advice for beginners in this field 

Looking to start a new business? Some tips they recommend is conducting thorough research on the current demand on the buyers’ market. This helps identify opportunities for your products being bought, even in such a competitive web of companies. As well as this, it is crucial to ensure trust in your customers as this can build on the positive reviews, having a long-term impact on the company's sales. More customers rely on these indicators (the reviews) as a guidance and to understand the reliability of their products. Assuming this feedback is positive, it can encourage more sales.