A London bakery has gone viral for selling the UK's most expensive croissant which weighs 1.5kg.

The croissant by Phillipe Conticini, in South Kensington contains 700g of butter and contains 3,000 calories and can serve up to six people.

One person to try the giant croissant was a content creator Callum Ryan, 23 who ate half of the croissant and gave the rest to his friends as he was "too full".

Describing the giant treat, Callum from Milton Keynes said: "It takes over an hour to make.

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"I couldn't believe it was actually that big and that expensive. It was absolutely banging and would highly recommend it.

"I couldn't finish it off myself so I ate half of it and gave the rest to some of my friends.

"I would say it is worth the price if you share it between friends."

London bakery goes viral for giant £25 croissant

Phillipe Conticini offers two giant pastries across their London location, including the croissant and a pain au chocolate that costs £28.

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Describing their XXL croissant, the bakery shares: "Our giant croissant in London!  "Just like the regular croissant; airy and buttery... "Perfect to share with friends and family!"


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The mega-sized items come on their trays and guests are encouraged to tear it apart and even dip them into their hot drinks.

Many TikTok users have gone crazy for the giant croissant as one user said: "£25 seems so cheap?? I've paid a fiver for a regular-sized one."

As another fan said: "That’s looks good I need to go here."