A primary school in Erith has been warned by police of a high-risk missing person in the area who has “previously acted inappropriately toward kids” and “is known to hang around schools.”

Northumberland Heath Primary School in Wheelock Close confirmed on its Facebook page it was made aware of the missing person yesterday (March 13).

It added that staff searched the area to ensure the person was not near the school before the gates opened.

It also advised students in years 5 and 6 to walk home without stopping and reminded them not to talk to strangers.

In an update issued by the school today (March 14) says the missing person who they were alerted about has now been found.

Following this, an appeal was launched by police searching for a convicted arsonist who escaped while on escorted leave from a secure medical facility in Bexleyheath.

However, he has also since been found and returned to the medical facility.

The News Shopper has asked Metropolitan Police whether these two incidents are linked.

The full statement from Northumberland Heath Primary School says: “We have been notified by the police today, that there is a high risk missing person in our area.

“He has previously acted inappropriately toward children and is known to hang around schools.

“We will be doing a sweep before we open the gates this afternoon to ensure he is not near our school.

“We will advise years 5 and 6 to walk home without stopping (at the park or shop) and remind them not to talk to strangers.

“However, we understand that you may choose to collect them from school.

“This is all the information we have currently and we will update you when we hear more.”