Teens who accidentally stabbed their friend while murdering another boy have been pictured for the first time. 

Sammie Shallangwa, 16, and Jake Debonsu, 18, were part of a gang of five who drove from Thamesmead to Abbey Wood with the intention of killing a local boy.   

They set upon 16-year-old Charlie Bartolo and stabbed him to death, but during the violence it is said that Shallangwa accidentally fatally stabbed one of his own gang – 16-year-old Kearne Solanke.  

Last month News Shopper successfully challenged a reporting restriction which had prevented Shallangwa from being named due to his age. 

Judge Neil Garnham KC ruled: “It is important that it is widely known that young people who engage in this type of behaviour are caught, prosecuted, tried, convicted and punished appropriately. Such publicity provides a powerful means by which deterrence is delivered.”   

News Shopper: Charlie Bartolo and his mum, Emma . Charlie was knocked off his motorbike and stabbed to death.Charlie Bartolo and his mum, Emma . Charlie was knocked off his motorbike and stabbed to death. (Image: Supplied)Four teens were found guilty of Charlie and Kearne’s murders. 

Shallangwa and 18-year-old Jake Debonsu were given life sentences with minimum terms of 18 years and 17 years respectively for the two murders.  

Hussain Bah and Alagie Jobe, both 19, were handed life sentences with minimum terms of 25-and-a-half years and 25 years respectively. 

Images of Bah and Jobe had previously been released, but on Wednesday (March 13) the Met Police released images of Shallangwa and Debonsu for the first time. 

News Shopper: Alagie Jobe and Hussain Bah, both 19Alagie Jobe and Hussain Bah, both 19 (Image: Met Police)Emma Bartolo, Charlie's mum, previously told News Shopper: “No parent should ever have to bury their child, but those five boys took my son's life so brutally that they also took from me the ability to kiss, hold and touch my son because he was classed as a crime scene."

Charlie was stabbed eight times and his cause of death was a wound to his head which penetrated his brain. 

Emma said: “I want you to be aware of the obstacles placed in my way when going to see my son in a morgue. 

“I couldn't touch his face or replace his hat due to the removal of his skull which was required for evidence due to the severity of blunt force trauma and blade penetration. 

“I was unable to dress my son due to the horrific knife wounds all over his body. His brand-new trainers were unable to be put on correctly on one foot due to it practically hanging off.” 

Emma said she was overwhelmed by the love shown to Charlie on the day of his funeral. 

She said he had a huge circle of friends from Abbey wood, Thamesmead, Deptford, Maidstone and beyond. 

“Not only did blood family lose Charlie but so did the friends that classed him as family,” Emma said. 

At the age of 15, Charlie’s best friend Riley lowered him into his final resting place. 

“The actions of five boys on that night have affected so many lives for years to come. Causing so much trauma and heartbreak,” Emma said.