Four men from Bromley and Greenwich have been charged with aggravated burglary. 

Police had been called after men forced entry into a residential property in South Gloucestershire, 110 miles from south east London. 

In the early hours of February 29 officers attended an address on Stanshawes Drive in Yate after residents reported that a number of people were in the house, potentially carrying weapons. 

The men left with a number of household items, police said. 

Police said they arrested five men a little more than an hour after they were called. 

The following men from Bromley and Greenwich were charged with aggravated burglary: 

  • Anthony Docherty, 38, of Red Hill, Bromley.
  • Daniel Gray, 32, of Bark Hart Road, Bromley. 
  • Adrian Kupperblatt, 62, of Meadowside, Greenwich. 
  • Michael Peters, 32, of Eltham Green Road, Greenwich. 

A fifth man - Santiago Pablo, 31, of Cater Drive, Yate – was also charged with aggravated burgary and one attempt of aggravated burglary relating to an incident on January 30. 

All five men appeared at Bristol Magistrates Court on March 2and were remanded in custody to appear at Bristol Crown Court on April 8. 

Safeguarding action has been taken to help protect those living at the address.