A high-flying photographer has captured London in a way you've never seen before.

Jeffery Milstein took to the skies and hung out of a helicopter with high-resolution cameras to capture the impressive and unique angles of the city.

The New Yorker's stunning images are only possible by getting permission from authorities to enter restricted airspace.

The series of aerial pictures in a new book, London from the Air, are from four flights over the capital over four years.

See London from the skies in amazing photos

Discussing his work, Jeffrey said: "Over several years I made four flights in helicopters to get the photos needed for London From the Air. I require that the pilots make steep turns so I can lean out the open door and get straight-down hand-held shots that I am known for.

News Shopper: Jeffery Milstein.Jeffery Milstein. (Image: SWNS)

"In 2016, I was vacationing in London with my college-age daughter Lucy. She had flown with me before in a helicopter photo flight over LA, one of the only passengers I have flown with who can take the steep turns without getting sick.

"She kept asking me to take her over London. So I found a helicopter and It turned out to be a great flight, with many of the photos appearing in this book, including the perfect overview of the Gherkin."

News Shopper: The view from London above. The view from London above. (Image: SWNS)

However, getting permission to take to the skies of London was not as simple as Jeffrey would've liked:

"The London controllers are very restrictive with the higher airspace over London because of air traffic into Heathrow. I really wanted that shot so the pilot asked the controllers could we get higher over the Gherkin. The controllers gave us four minutes. Luckily, with the help of the pilot I was able to nail the shot."

News Shopper: The view of Hampton Court from above.The view of Hampton Court from above. (Image: SWNS)

Sharing what he shot over London, the high-flying photographer said: "I got some great shots of Foster + Partners buildings, Including Battersea Power Station, and housing, and Sir Norman Foster agreed to write the forward for the book.

"Prior permission was required from NATS (National Air Traffic Services) to fly over London, including Buckingham Palace and Hampton Court."

News Shopper: The view of Battersea Power Station from above.The view of Battersea Power Station from above. (Image: SWNS)

London from the Air is Jeffrey's third aerial book, and second one with Rizzoli Publishers following Paris From the Air released in 2021. Both books have won many awards, including Graphis Gold Awards.

London From the Air will be released on March 26, 2024.