A woman who was bullied at school for her autism fell in love with Disney movies and now she has a collection worth more than £15k.

Kerri Carter, 21, from London, has autism, and faced bullying throughout school over her condition.

She soon began finding comfort in Disney films and enjoyed knowing that every story she watched would have a happy ending.

Back in 2015, Kerri was gifted a Disney-themed pin which inspired her to begin growing her collection of merchandise from there.

Now her collection includes over 400 Disney-themed items, ranging from dolls and plushies to pins and toys, and she has no plans to slow down.

News Shopper: The collection is around £15K.The collection is around £15K. (Image: SWNS)

Meet the women with a Disney collection worth over £15k

Discussing how she got into collecting Disney products, Kerri said: "It started when I was at school. I was bullied for my autism, and I wanted an escape from it.

“I would put on a Disney film and knowing that the heroes would win, and the bad guys would lose really stuck with me. It was like a light in the dark.

“The collection started in 2015 when I was bought a pin – and it just grew from there.

“With autism, and now being an autistic adult, it can be very hard sometimes in the world.

“Disney feels like a safe place, and I got really obsessed really quickly – which led to me collecting everything!

News Shopper: Kerri's collection started with a pin.Kerri's collection started with a pin. (Image: SWNS)

“I absolutely adore Mickey Mouse. I love every Disney film – there’s not one I haven’t watched!”

Kerri collects anything Disney-related, with one of her prized possessions being a vintage Mickey Mouse plush from the 1930s, which she picked up on eBay for just £95.

So far, Kerri believes she has spent up to £15,000 on her Disney collection. 

She believes that her parents’ support has allowed her to explore her interests and appreciates their willingness to have conversations about Disney.

Kerri aims to keep finding pieces to add to her growing collection and eventually hopes to be able to one day visit Disneyland California.

News Shopper: Kerri hopes to one day go to Disney California Kerri hopes to one day go to Disney California (Image: SWNS)

“I have been to Disneyland Paris, but my dream is to visit Disneyland California,” said Kerri.

“I would like to thank my parents for helping me with my Disney addiction.

“It’s not just the films that I’m into – I got obsessed with the company, so I’m into the history of Walt himself and everything too.

“There really isn’t a conversation where I can’t find a way to bring up Disney!”