We've had a look at what the cheapest rental price in each south east London will get you right now - as London is revealed to be the fourth highest place in the UK for spiking rent costs.

According to new data from Zoopla, London is the fourth highest city for rental increases in the UK, underneath Manchester, Bolton and Glasgow.

Data revealed that rent costs in London have increased by 36.5 percent over the last three years, rising from an average of £1,499 per month in December 2020 to £2,046 per month in 2023.

London was also found to have the highest average rental cost in December 2023 out of all of the UK, in the last year rent prices were shown to have increased by 6.7 percent in London.

We have conducted a search of Zoopla to find out which borough has the highest rental costs in south east London.


Currently the cheapest room to rent in Bexley is at £695pcm in Elm Road in Sidcup.

The cheapest studio flat to rent in the borough is a flat in Bexley Lane in Crayford, up for £800pcm.

The cheapest rental price for a one-bedroom flat in Bexleyheath is currently set at £1,000pcm or £231 per week.

Renters looking for a two-bedroom house can currently rent a property in Sidcup at £1,600pcm.


In Bromley, the cheapest flat in the borough is in Orpington - on the market for £600pcm.

Renters looking to live more central to Bromley can rent a one-bedroom townhouse at £1,250pcm in Saville Row.

Or for renters looking for a two-bedroom house with more space, £1,480 can get you a two-bed maisonette in West Wickham.


In Greenwich, would-be tenants could rent a room for £550pcm in Eltham or a studio flat for £780pcm in Woolwich.

Renters looking to rent a one-bedroom flat can currently rent one in Thamesmead for £1,450pcm.

For an additional £200 renters can rent a two-bedroom house in Thamesmead for £1,650pcm.


In Lewisham, a room can currently be rented for £500 a month in Sydenham or a studio flat for £800 a month in Catford.

£1,500pcm will currently get you a one-bedroom terraced house in Hither Green or an additional £50 will get you a two-bedroom terraced house in Lewisham for £1,550 a month.


In Southwark, £695 a month can get you a room in East Dulwich or £875 will afford a studio flat in Peckham Rye.

For would-be buyers looking for a one-bedroom flat, £1,450 a month will afford a one bedroom flat in Herne Hill.

Currently, the cheapest rental price for a one bedroom house in Southwark is a one-bedroom semi-detached house in Surrey Quays for £1,500 a month.

The lowest rate for a two-bedroom house in Southwark is £1,959 in Surrey Quays.


The neighbouring borough of Dartford in North Kent was found to be the most expensive area to rent in across the board, with the cheapest room at £720pcm and the cheapest flat at £950pcm.