South east Londoners are echoing calls from motoring experts for motorway driving to be included in UK driving lessons.

At present, motorway driving is not a compulsory component during driving lessons or the official test.

However, according to, one possible way to increase driver skills and decrease road accidents would be to ensure all new drivers have experience driving on motorways before they receive their pass certificates.

South east Londoners said on Facebook that the "absolutely" agree with the motoring experts on this.

Rebecca Bolt said: "Definitely, how can someone who's passed on a 5 week course be ready for the motorway never mind all the weather conditions."

Along the same lines, Maria Heskins shared her personal account of how a motorway lesson after her driving test helped her.

She said: "When I passed my test I booked a motorway lesson with my instructor and it was so helpful, especially being shown the distance and on coming car should be before pulling out of a layby, overtaking etc."

Another south east Londoner said that a certain number of hours on the motorway should be "mandatory" for learner drivers.

However, others thought that having motorway lessons should be mandatory only after learners have passed their test.

At the moment, driving on the motorway is not mandatory during lessons or after the official test.

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Some learners choose to take extra motorway lessons after they have passed, however many new drivers tackle the motorway for the first time by themselves.

Tim Alcock, a motoring expert at, said: "Motorway driving is an intimidating experience for those who have never been on one before.

"We believe it’s one of the scariest parts of driving as there are additional lanes and more cars on the road travelling at much higher speeds."

He added: "But having motorway driving as a mandatory part of the lessons will help build confidence and experience amongst new drivers so they’ll be fully prepared after getting their pass plates.

"Having this extra requirement in place on driving lessons and the main test will hopefully result in better drivers on the road, fewer people not knowing what they’re doing on the motorway and reduce the number of accidents caused by inexperienced drivers."

According to a poll of News Shopper readers, 70 per cent think learner drivers should be taught how to drive on a motorway during lessons.