An animal charity is appealing for information after a kitten was found dead in a plastic bag on a street in London.

The RSPCA received word of the upsetting discovery on Armagh Road in Bow on February 3, at around 1.45pm.

The black and white kitten, in a black plastic bag, had been placed under a cardboard box.

The kitten was found by a passer-by who believes it may have been thrown from a moving vehicle.

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The RSPCA said it has "very little" to go on, and are urging the public to contact them with information.

RSPCA Inspector Nicola Thomas will lead the investigation into the incident.

She said: "This was an extremely upsetting discovery for someone to make.

"The poor kitten was cruelly disposed of.

"We don’t know how he died, if he was placed in the bag before or after death, or how he ended up in this location.

"The person who found him believes he may have been thrown from a moving car.

"He had blood visible on his face and leg.

"He was scanned for a microchip but none was found.

Ms Thomas added: “Sadly we have very little to go on to find out what happened to this poor kitten.

"If anyone has any information - perhaps someone in the area had a black and white kitten but no longer does - please do contact us."

Anyone with information is should contact the RSPCA appeal line, confidentially on 0300 123 8018, quoting incident number 01217832.