The "most dangerous" areas of south east London have been revealed in a new report.

With 37,280 crimes recorded in 2023, Southwark was was the most dangerous borough in the area.

Alongside Southwark, Lewisham and Greenwich also had some of the highest crime rates in south east London.

Lewisham reported 29,816 crimes in 2023, while Greenwich reported 28,972.

Although a lower figure, Bromley still reported more than 23,000 crimes across the year.

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Bexley was deemed the 'safest' borough in the south east London area, with 16,541 reported crimes in 2023.

These figures were revealed in a Comprehensive Crime Report created by West Midlands Garage Doors and Online Marketing Surgery.

The report ranked the most dangerous UK neighbourhoods based on reported crimes in January to December 2023.

Westminster was identified as the borough with the highest crime rate in the whole of London, reporting a whopping 89,760 crimes.

Richmond upon Thames was listed as the safest London area with 12,084 reported crimes.

The London areas actually fared better than some regions elsewhere.

For instance, Birmingham in the West Midlands led the nationwide crime statistics with 152,697 total recorded crimes.

Westminster came in fourth in the list of the top five UK areas "grappling with elevated crime rates".

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However, the Met Police was the force to record the highest number of overall crimes in the country, with 907,285 recorded in 2023.

The number of reported crimes is rising across the UK, with a 4 per cent increase in 2023 compared to the previous year.

The report highlighted that the implications of this go beyond simple figures with a huge impact on victims and the community,

The aim of the report was to gain a clearer understanding of the scale of criminal behaviours within their communities.

To compile the Comprehensive Crime Report, data from the Office for National Statistics was used, revealing the number of recorded crimes for each individual UK local authority in 2023.