Bowling for Soup return to London at the Hammersmith Apollo on their ‘You Asked For It’ tour with Less Than Jake and after 30 years, the bands are still as hot as ever

The night began the Vandoliers, an alternative country band from Texas who brought excitement to the crowd up with their jam packed setlist including ‘Every Saturday Night,’ ‘Sixteen Years’ and even a cover of ‘I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)’ which successfully warmed the vocal cords of the rather tired audience who’d just walked very far in the very long queue.

After the Vandoliers, the first band of the tour, Less Than Jake, performed their ska-punk songs like ‘Plastic Cup Politics’ and ‘High Cost of Low Living.’ What I particularly liked about this band was the combination of punk music with a saxophone (which is something I never knew was possible until the concert!) The audience clearly liked this one too with a few mosh pits and spiked hair punk rockers turning up to throw their beer.

Finally, the main act, Bowling for Soup arrived with their ‘BFS theme’ followed by ‘Emily.’ The band were met with waving fans (who BFS pride themselves in always waving back which they did) as well as a few crowd surfs and huge amounts of cheering and singing along.

In their setlist there was their highly popular ‘Girls All the Bad Guys Want’ as well as their successful ‘1985’ SR-71 cover and ‘Today Is Gonna Be a Great Day’ (which is the Phineas and Ferb theme song!)

The band kept the audience engaged with a few jokes in between songs as well as a guitar giveaway and even a photoshoot so overall the night was a very funny experience.