A man who killed his dementia-stricken mum in vicious attack has been jailed. 

Vanita Nowell, 68, was found dead on the bathroom floor at her son Steffon Hewitt’s home in Peckham. 

She had suffered 28 rib fractures, six fractures to her spine, extensive bruising across her body and a traumatic brain injury. 

Hewitt claimed her injuries had come from his mum’s constant falling due to dementia. 

She had moved to the UK from Barbados the previous year to come and live with her son. 

On March 8, 2020, he phoned emergency services and told the call operator he had found her unresponsive. 

He claimed he had attempted CPR on his mother and that he ‘may have broken a few ribs’. 

Later medical enquiries showed that the extent of the fractures could not have been caused from him performing this procedure. 

A jury at Isleworth Crown Court found 51-year-old Hewitt guilty of his mum’s murder. 

Detective Constable Nick Stocking said: “Hewitt showed no remorse when killing his mother by inflicting significant and extensive injuries, resulting in what would have been a painful death.” 

Hewitt will be sentenced in April.