A post box in Dartford has been painted in the colours of a Union Jack flag as part as an ongoing saga of “criminal damage” across the borough.

A total of 26 post boxes were painted gold between Wednesday, January 31 and Monday, February 5, with the majority of the incidents in the Temple Hill area - described by police as criminal damage.

However, in recent weeks the post boxes have been flaunting more interesting designs as many were officially repainted back red by Royal Mail, but then repainted other colours in acts of criminal damage.

On February 4, a post box on Farnol Road was seen sporting a black and white pattern that looks a little like cow print.

Then on February 19, residents awoke to find some boxes painted pink with gold splotches, just like Mr Blobby.

Mr Blobby is a character originally featured on the British Saturday night variety show Noel's House Party, broadcast on BBC One during the 90s.

Two of the Mr Blobby post boxes were seen in Temple Hill at the corner of Trevithick Drive and Wellcome Avenue and on Joyce Green Lane.

The next day on February 20 a post box on St Vincents Road was spotted painted in purple, gold and red with 'Creme Egg' written on it.

Most recently on February 27, the post box with the Union Jack pattern was sighted in Trevithick Drive.

A spokesperson for Kent Police said: “Kent Police is aware and enquiries are ongoing.”

Kent Police arrested a man on February 13 in connection with the initial post box painting incidents and said that he had been released on bail until May 4 while enquiries continue.

The arrest was made when police were on patrol in Oldfield Place, Dartford, noticed a man fitting the description of a suspect.

Dartford’s community appears to be split on the painting of the post boxes, with some seemingly welcoming the makeovers, while others think it is wrong to tarnish the traditional style.

One user wrote on Facebook: “I think they look great and I love seeing all posts of new ones. Great job making everyone smile an adding a bit of colour.”

One commenter said: “What an eyesore!

“The cost of rectifying this graffiti mess will eventually come out of RM customers' pockets!”