Parents and avid readers have been delighted to return to Grove Park Library following a temporary closure last year.

The library was shut last summer after the previous leaseholder issued notice to end the lease period.

Following the closure, which lasted for several months, the library reopened at the beginning of 2024, managed day to day by Lewisham Council’s new community partner S&B Childcare.

The library is also celebrating its 70th anniversary since first opening in 1953.

Grove Park library manager, Barbara Panizzi, said that since re-opening the library earlier in the year, its users have enjoyed visiting the space, describing it as “refreshing” and “welcoming".

She added that the library would continue to offer the space to local businesses to increase funds, in order to run and open the building to the Lewisham community.

Ms Panizzi, said: “We were very pleased to open the community library building at the end of last year in time to celebrate its 70th anniversary.

“We have had a very positive influx of local businesses willing to support the building and provide community services.

“The footfall in the community library building has also been very positive and people are finding the space very refreshing and welcoming.

“We are looking forward to continuing the celebrations for the 70th year and have many events planned.

“In the long term we continue to offer the space to local businesses to bolster funds so we can continue to open the building to the community.”

For local parent Ellie Rose, the reopening of the library has provided her and her children with further reading and social opportunities.

Ellie Rose told News Shopper: “I’m so happy to have the library back, I love sharing stories with my kids and escaping into a good book myself too.

“My toddler loves choosing picture books for us to cuddle up and read together, and my older child who loves visiting after school with his friends.

“I've been able to keep up with my own reading challenge too.

“It's great to see so many events and activities at the library, especially for families.”

A spokesperson for Lewisham Council said: “Grove Park Library has re-opened and will be managed day to day by our new community partner S&B Childcare.

“Part of the library has now been redecorated and we’re looking forward to ongoing celebrations for its 70th anniversary this year. 

“Grove Park is within our family of community libraries and the Lewisham Library Service works with our partners to deliver an accessible local library service for our residents across the borough.”