New Cross Gate is the best-performing train station for punctuality in south east London.

It stands as the 87th busiest station across the UK, welcoming a daily average of 14,829 passengers.

Recent punctuality performance data from On Time Trains places New Cross Gate at an impressive 262nd position out of a total of 2,629 stations across the UK.

Over the last six months, the station covered 63,152 services.

New Cross Gate has an On Time Trains performance score of 93 per cent, placing it ahead of the majority of stations nationwide.

The performance score is calculated based on service punctuality and cancellation frequency, providing a measure of a station's dependability.

New Cross Gate is the best for punctuality across all 55 stations in the south east London boroughs of Bexley, Bromley, Lewisham and Greenwich.

57 per cent of services arrived on time, 32 per cent experienced a minor delay of one to two minutes and six per cent faced delays of three to four minutes.

Only one per cent of services encountered substantial delays of ten minutes or more.

In terms of service cancellations, New Cross Gate had two per cent of services cancelled over the reviewed six month period.