I’ve found the new go-to place in Greenwich for brunch, and more importantly dessert, or both if you’re feeling as hungry as I was when I went.

Haute Dolci is in The O2 among an array of other restaurants, The O2 Arena, Up At the O2 and the O2 Outlet shopping, so I made my trip there into a day out for some retail therapy.

I was really hungover, and I’m not ashamed to admit it, and all I wanted was some food to bring me back to life and fill me up.

Haute Dolci is mainly a dessert café, but its new offering of brunch as well is exactly what I needed - with options ranging from eggs and avocado to sandwiches and burgers.

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I went for the poached eggs with avocado and sourdough while my friend had the ultimate club sandwich, and we shared some fries as well.

The portions were big, the food was tasty, and the service was really fast which is exactly what we needed when our mouths were watering for food and we were feeling slightly sorry for ourselves.

The drinks options are also wide-ranging with anything from mocktails to milkshakes, cold coffees and hot drinks on offer.

We both went for a mocktail – myself a mango and passionfruit one, and my friend the strawberry delight.

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I appreciated the mock part of this, and they were very sweet but refreshing as well with an added fizz.

As good as our savoury main options were, the star of the show at Haute Dolci is definitely dessert.

Imagine having to choose from every type of cookie dough, cake, waffle, crepe, croffle, French toast and milkshake you could ever imagine – it’s a very hard life.

After much deliberation my friend went for the San Sebastian cheesecake which comes with chocolate sauce to pour on top – I mean, wow.

I’m not even a cheesecake fan and I was amazed by this one.

I went for the Best of Both croffle which is basically a waffle/croissant mix with both milk and white chocolate sauces and curls on.

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That literally sounds like heaven on a plate to me, and writing and thinking about it again is making me hungry.

Both were as divine as they sound, and I would go back again and again to have both of them and try even more.

The selection of desserts at Haute Dolci is definitely something that can’t be beaten, and there’s something to suit every flavour and craving with options to create your own pile of heaven as well.

Even better, there's a huge chocolate fountain with strawberries as you walk out - if you haven't stuffed your face enough inside, that is.