Nestlé has announced its new Easter eggs line-up for 2024, with treats from KitKat, Quality Street, Smarties and more featuring.

Two new 'Incredible Eggs' have been added to the roster amongst a whole assortment of items designed to "impress and delight chocolate fans".

Firstly, the Quality Street Golden Collection Incredible Egg has already got shoppers excited after one person spotted it in B&M and shared online “I know what egg I want!”.

The Easter egg "brings together delicious fudge and caramel pieces in a milk chocolate caramel-flavoured shell, accompanied by a pack of Quality Street caramel, fudge and toffees."

Rowntree’s Randoms will also be joining the 'Incredible Egg' range as the chocolate shell will be dotted with marshmallow pieces and Rowntree’s fruity-flavoured sweets.

What other Easter eggs are in Nestlé's range for 2024?

Smarties has a new egg in the Smarties Sea Splash, which comes with two packs of Sea Splash Smarties, a cut-out crafting activity and a QR code unlocking a world of aquatic activities.

Meanwhile, if you were looking for a KitKat Easter egg then you're in luck as the KitKat Chunky Half and Half Giant egg returns with a shell made up of half milk chocolate and half white chocolate.

The KitKat Caramel Cookie Collision Incredible Egg is also back with real cookie pieces featured inside the shell.

Additionally, the pack comes with two KitKat Chunky Caramel bars and a bag of KitKat Cookie Dough flavour Mini Eggs which is an exclusive that is only available at this time of year.

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Elsewhere, the After Eight Premium Egg returns with "a rich dark chocolate shell" and a pack of signature After Eight mint chocolate thins.

Nestlé adds: "If talk of Easter has given you a spring in your step, there are plenty of Easter treats to look out for.

"The Milkybar Mini Egg Block is back again, with mini crunchy milk chocolate eggs dotted inside a smooth white chocolate bar."