A “nurturing and highly inclusive school” Orpington School where children “flourish” has been rated outstanding by Ofsted.

Darrick Wood Infant and Nursery School was rated as outstanding by Ofsted after its latest inspection on December 5 and 6.

The report was published on February 1, 2024.

Inspectors said that pupils are staff are “happy and extremely proud members of their school community”.

Pupils were found to be well cared for and safe and Ofsted found that there is an ambitious and thoughtfully planned out curriculum.

Ofsted reported that behaviour is “excellent” here and that pupils are “polite and respectful”.

Leaders were found to have a vision for pupils to be “happy, nurtured and achieve well in an inclusive environment” that is put into practice consistently.

Inspectors added: “From the moment pupils start school in early years, children get off to a flying start.

“Adults use every opportunity to promote children’s use of language and vocabulary.

“Children engage in exciting and purposeful activities.

“These have been deliberately planned so that children learn and practise the skills and knowledge that have been identified as priorities.”

Teachers were found to have a good understanding of the curriculum and they deliver it clearly and coherently.

They regularly check what pupils know and understand, Ofsted reported.

Staff told Ofsted that they enjoy working at the school and value the range of professional development and support available to them.

Leaders at all levels, including the trust and governing boards, were found to be “reflective”, continually looking for ways to further improve what Ofsted already describes as “very strong practice” in the school.

The Head of School said, "We are so proud of the children here at Darrick Wood Infant and Nursery School.

“Their talents and achievements were recognised by the inspectors and they saw clearly how the children enjoy their learning and are inspired by the rich and enhanced curriculum on offer across the school."