Londoners are sharply divided after Sadiq Khan's announcement that the London Overground will get new line names and colours.

While some on X have called the move "brilliant," others are labelling it a "waste of money".

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan announced the update today, saying that the names have been carefully selected to celebrate "different parts of London’s unique local history and culture".

Mr Khan posted on X the "inspiration and meaning" behind each of the new line names: Lioness, Mildmay, Windrush, Weaver, Suffragette, and Liberty.

This sparked a huge reaction from Londoners in the comments.

One X user, @PeaceFlowerSoul, said: "This is great.

"Makes the lines easier to use and integrates the history of the people of London into it, the people who ARE London, not just naming things after the rich and Elite."

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Another user @AntacsB agreed, saying: "London embracing its history and the people who made it is transformational.

"I wish I could have seen my Windrush grandmother's reaction to the Windrush Line."

Since the Overground lines' creation in 2007, all lines on the map were colour-coded orange, meaning some commuters found it difficult to work out what train they needed.

News Shopper: Mayor Sadiq Khan announced the changes on February 15Mayor Sadiq Khan announced the changes on February 15 (Image: PA)

One Londoner said: "This is brilliant actually.

"The Overground is notoriously difficult to navigate, so splitting it out into unique lines and identities will help many people who use them."

These changes to the Overground will cost an estimated £6.3 million, set to come out of the Mayor’s Greater London Authority budget.

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Most of the cost will go towards updating customer information, such as redesigning and displaying maps across the Tube and Overground stations and updating around 6,000 station direction signs.

The cost of the changes worried many Londoners on X.

One X user called it a "total waste of time and effort," arguing for more pressing issues to be addressed, like knife crime.

Similarly, others saw it as a "pathetic waste of money", and some even thought the announcement was a "joke".

GB News presenter Martin Daubney also responded to the announcement

He tweeted: "You should include the Cockney Line: a one-way route out of London, for the white working classes, displaced by unchecked immigration, spiralling knife crime & ULEZ."

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan argued that this is a "hugely exciting moment" for London's transport network.

He said: "Giving each of the Overground lines distinct colours and identities will make it simpler and easier for passengers to get around.

"In reimagining London’s tube map, we are also honouring and celebrating different parts of London’s unique local history and culture.

"The new names and colours have been chosen through engagement with passengers, historians and local communities, reflecting the heritage and diversity of our amazing city."

Andy Lord, London’s transport commissioner, added: "These new names and line colours will simplify the maps and routes for our customers, and it is hoped it will encourage more people to make the most of our services."

The rebranding of the Overground names is due to be rolled out over the course of a week in Autumn.