Plans for a new football stadium and blocks of flats up to eight storeys-tall in Bexley have been revealed.

Bexley Council has received an application for a new stadium for Welling United FC on Park View Road, alongside 104 new flats on the site.

The application seeks to create a new ground for Welling United FC (WUFC) on the club’s current site.

The scheme would include a multi-purpose artificial pitch, space for 4,000 spectators and new changing rooms for players.

News Shopper: A CGI of the planned project as seen looking east from Park View Road. (Credit: Create Design and Architecture / Welling United Football Club / Lita Homes)A CGI of the planned project as seen looking east from Park View Road. (Credit: Create Design and Architecture / Welling United Football Club / Lita Homes)

Planning documents from Create Design and Architecture, on behalf of WUFC and Lita Homes, said the football club currently operated in a ‘semi-derelict’ facility that was not fit for purpose.

The club said it supports nearly 40 football teams and over 500 players. Current changing facilities at the club were also said to be unusable.

The plans said: “Over the preceding years, the club has struggled to attract the major investment needed to maintain, improve, and operate its facilities to the standards required by the Football Association and other ground safety bodies.

"This project represents a one time opportunity to address those shortcomings and allow the club and community to grow through the investment this project represents, and enjoy a period of stability to plan for the future.”

The proposal added that installing an artificial pitch to the site would be a ‘literal game-changer’, increasing the time available to use the pitch from 10 hours a week to over 50 hours.

The project would also reportedly increase the number of spaces for players on youth teams from 500 to 1,000.

All homes included in the proposal would have their own balcony, terrace or winter garden.

The blocks would also include a communal roof garden with a soft play area for children and a bar and restaurant for the club on the ground floor.

The plans said the project had been developed following consultation with several bodies including Bexley Council and Sport England.

This has led to changes including the addition of a small basement for residents to park their bikes and WUFC branding on the block of flats.

Planning documents said: “Welling United FC have been rooted in the local community for many years, but their venue [Park View Road stadium] cannot serve as a football community hub due to the condition of the facilities and the nature of the playing surface.

"Given the club and the academy support almost 40 football teams and 500+ players, this represents a missed opportunity to foster a sense of belonging to a larger football community within Welling and Bexley.”