Have you got a pet cat who isn’t microchipped? You might be wondering what the rules are and whether your cat needs to be microchipped.

Cats can be microchipped at the vets and it helps identify them if they get lost or stolen as the owner’s details are stored within the chip – a vet will need to scan the pet to reunite it with its owner.

But do you have to do this and what happens if you don’t?

Does every pet cat need a microchip?

A new rule coming into effect from June 10, 2024 means that cats in England will need to be microchipped by the time they reach 20 weeks old. Their owners will need to register them on a database by this age, the government website explains.

News Shopper: Pet cats will need to be microchipped as a new law comes into effectPet cats will need to be microchipped as a new law comes into effect (Image: Getty)

If you fail to get your cat microchipped when they need to be, you could be fined up to £500.

How to get your cat microchipped

Your cat must be microchipped by a trained professional – you can ask your vet to do this.

Or you could get in touch with your local council or local rescue and rehoming centre to see if they are able to microchip your pet.

How to update microchip details

It’s important that cat owners keep their details updated and to do this, you’ll need to get in touch with the database they are registered with.

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If you move house, you’ll need to make sure your address gets changed on the database.

How to check your cat’s microchip number

If you’re not sure which database your dog is registered with, you can check their microchip number.

Those who aren’t sure of the microchip number can ask a vet, dog warden or rescue centre to check it for them.