A Greenwich road where a five-year-old boy was hit by a motorcycle will see a set of traffic calming measures added to it.

Greenwich Council has received a petition to address traffic issues on Kidbrooke Park Road, which a councillor said was one of the ‘most dangerous’ roads in the borough.

The petition, which received 566 signatures, asks for the council to add a 20mph speed limit outside Thomas Tallis Secondary School.

It said that a safer road could help encourage families to choose more active modes of transport.

The petition said: “The excessive speeds at which some vehicles pass by is alarming and makes us fear for [children’s] safety.

"The proximity of Kidbrooke Park Road to Thomas Tallis School means that hundreds of pupils must navigate this hazardous route each day. It is heart-wrenching to think that any momentary lapse in concentration or reckless driving could result in a tragic accident involving our children.”

The petition was sent after a five-year-old boy was hospitalised from a collision with a motorbike on the road last October.

The incident happened at the road’s junction with Peglar Road. Transport for London (TfL) data also showed that there had been three separate traffic incidents resulting in fatalities on the road in 2022 and 2023.

The proposal was discussed at a highways committee meeting for Greenwich Council on February 7.

Council officers said at the meeting that there was currently a 30mph speed limit in place on the road.

Labour Councillor Rachel Taggart-Ryan said at the meeting: “If you take the data for the last five years, Kidbrooke Park Road has contributed 16 per cent of all fatalities on the roads in this borough… This is one of the most dangerous roads in this borough.”

Council officers said in their report that developer funding had been secured to add a formal pedestrian crossing outside the school by September this year. They added that other crossings on Kidbrooke Park Road would be investigated.

The committee then agreed at the meeting to suggest a 20mph speed limit be added to the whole length of the road during the current financial year if possible.

The recommendations will be passed on to the cabinet member for transport to discuss with council officers.