Whether you're a fan of a Neapolitan, Chicago Thin-Crust, Detroit-Style, New York style or Chicago Deep Dish, we can all agree pizza is one of the tasty meals.

From the rich tomato sauce, perfectly melted cheese and handfuls of fresh toppings, nothing beats a good old slice (or five) of pizza.

You can practically find a new pizza spot on every street in London, but where is actually worth visiting and trying?

Well, the best three in South East London have been named as part of a list by the Standard.

So the next time you're on the hunt for a slice, why not try one of these three pizza spots?

The top 3 pizza spots in South East London

The three spots to be named in the list included 081, Bona and Made of Dough.

081 on Peckham Rye is described as "London’s finest Neapolitan pizzerias" by The Standard, who share it was opened in 2021 by Naples-born Andrea Asciuti.

On its website, 081 describes themselves as an "authentic Neapolitan pizzeria with an urban twist' who take pizza very seriously."

All pizzas at 081 are hand-crafted using "authentic, seasonal ingredients and carefully sourced produce to provide high-quality pizzas that taste like a slice of Naples."

On the review site Tripadvisor, 081 has a 4.5/5 rating with one fan sharing: "Got to be in the top 3 pizza restaurants in London. The double-cooked 081 pizza was insane, not greasy at all, absolutely delicious and authentic.

"Very cool place, a relaxed atmosphere, great service and prices are about average. These guys know exactly what they’re doing. Pizza doesn’t get better than this, can’t recommend enough."

Also on the list in South East London is Bona in Forest Hall, who create sourdough pizza only using "ine ingredients sourced in Italy".

Bona was established in 2015 and shared that is one of the few "remaining independent pizzerias in South East London, with all of our food made from scratch onsite."

On Tripadvisor, Bona has a rating of 4.5/5 with one fan praising the spot: "Lovely pizza, with a light base and great toppings. The staff were very friendly and efficient. Would highly recommend it."

Last but by far not least, Made of Dough is described as "the star of the show" by the Standard, who shares: "It’s all about that crust — generously charred and tangy."

With a couple of restaurants dotted around London, Made of Dough shares that they "chase the perfect pizza by using the best produce we can find, cooking it fast by flame & pairing it with good times."

Made of Dough has an impressive 4/5 rating on Tripadvisor with one fan sharing: "Really Friendly staff great choice of well-cooked pizzas, good value for money lovely to sit outside on a sunny day."