Chatterton Village’s The Hit or Miss is not just a bar or a café - but a lively fusion of both and has a key focus on celebrating the best of the community.

The pub is nestled between Fireball Pizza and the Co-op at 6 Chatterton Road and its doors first swung open to patrons in October 2022.

Giles, the owner, along with bar manager Jack and café manager Sarah, leads a dedicated team ensuring a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

The history of The Hit or Miss is as unique as its David Bowie-themed interior.

Giles told the News Shopper: “Formerly an electronics repair shop, we chose the name the Hit or Miss because there was a pub of that name which closed down (due to nefarious activity!) in the Victorian era.

“We know that Chatterton Village used to be called Shooters’ Common and we believe the name is a shooting reference in homage to that history.”

The bold and unique décor features a large, pixelated mural of David Bowie by local artist Leo Bennett, adds a touch of eccentricity and local flavour to the atmosphere.

Giles added: “Bowie went to Raglan Road Primary school - a stone’s throw from the bar”.

The Hit or Miss has quickly gained popularity as a community hub, drawing in a diverse clientele ranging from mid-twenties to over 80-years-old.

During the day, it serves as a laid-back café for locals, dog walkers, and mothers, offering delightful treats made locally by Wee Cupcakes.

News Shopper: Sarah with Wimbai from Wee CupcakesSarah with Wimbai from Wee Cupcakes (Image: THOM)

The bar proudly showcases local artists whose pieces can be purchased, with the current spotlight on Mark McGowan's creations.

There are also a range of activities and events for locals and pub-goers.

Monday’s feature free art classes hosted by the local legend, The Artist Taxi Driver.

Wednesdays are a have alternating charity quiz nights and "Open Mic" live music hosted by Stretch.

Saturdays are dedicated to live music, featuring local talents such as Sarah Flotel, From The Workshop, and Paul Brown.

The musical lineup features local talents such as Sarah Flotel, From The Workshop, and Paul Brown, offering a diverse range of genres from avant-garde to sea shanties.

A specially designed cold storage room houses a premium assortment of cask ales, complemented by an additional eight thoughtfully curated craft ales and Pilsners available on tap.

Noteworthy selections include the award-winning Belgian Delirium Red and the popular Signature Brew Roadie.

In addition to this, the bar offers a diverse range of ciders, wines, and spirits.

With plans for more events, including cheese and wine tasting evenings and poetry readings, the bar is set to continue its mission of bringing people together.

The Hit or Miss has hosted unique events like book launches and chili sauce brand launches, demonstrating its commitment to supporting local businesses and engaging the community.

Giles said: “We’re always open to new ideas and like supporting local businesses so if you have something quirky that will involve a wide section of the local community then we’re happy to listen.”