A post box which has been painted black and white in a cow print pattern has been spotted in Temple Hill – and nobody has any idea why.

Residents across Dartford found that many of their post boxes had been painted gold on Monday February 4, which is an unexplained occurrence that has left locals puzzled.

They have been noticed on several streets, including Keynes Road, St Vincents Road, Victoria Road, Pilgrims Way, Fulwich Road, and Welcome Avenue.

A particular one on Farnol Road is different to the others, sporting a black and white pattern that looks a little like a cow print.

Kent Police has been alerted to the situation and have described the painting as “criminal damage”.

The sudden changes to the post boxes have sparked various reactions across the town with locals discussing on public social media groups.

Many residents have condemned the action as vandalism, but some welcomed the makeover.

One social media comment said: “You’d think more people would like the idea of preserving English culture.”

Another Facebooker adds : “Can we have a ladybird or bee one next please.”

While one more agrees: "Oh blooming love it. Bit of laughter in the world with all the s*** Why not.”

Royal Mail says it is in the process of restoring the post boxes to their original red painting.

A spokesperson for Kent Police said: “Kent Police was called on Monday, February 5 2024 to a report of criminal damage where at least 15 post boxes across Dartford had been spray painted gold.

“No suspects have yet been identified. Enquiries are ongoing.”