On the 29th  April 2019 Millicent Oberanteng Danso founded her business Martma. As a first-time mum, motherhood was an adventure for her. Being the perfect mother and having a happy baby was her aim. Through research she found out that according to the NHS breastmilk was best for having a healthy baby. She was keen so jumped at any product recommended. Unfortunately, none of the products seemed to give her value for her money. For example, a popular breast pad that would just absorb the breast milk that you would eventually remove, and simply throw away. This presented as a lose – lose situation to her (loss of money for buying the breast pads and loss of breastmilk for the baby). Recognizing a gap in the market she ended up coming out with a product to mimic a breast pad, but this time around it saves the breast milk, and the product is reusable. So, she managed to make a product that had more added value, that allowed you to save money whilst having enough milk collection for the baby’s development. This stimulated her journey of improving products through her experiences.

Her business provides a variety of products: Martma Breast Shells, Martma Anti-Colic Baby Bottles, Pacifiers, Soothers and Dummies. Martma Hand free pump bras, Nursing Bras, Weaning bowl sets, Baby Anti-slip ankle socks, bibs, and many more. With the target age of birth to 3 years she aims to make the early stages of motherhood joyous.

The business has received a lot of positive customer feedback on their website:                                                                                                                         

One review saying - 'Love love their breastfeeding shells, very comfy. Great value for money.'                 

Another satisfied customer commenting - 'Great baby bottles you have. It was a life saver when maternity leave was over, and I had to return to work. Baby enjoys it when she previously did reject the whole lots.'

If you are interested in the products, you can visit their website at: https://www.martma.co.uk/?page=2   

They will be coming out with a baby boutique soon, so feel free to keep up to date through their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter which can be found on their website.