A brewer who stalked his ex-partner was branded “pathetic” as he was spared jail. 

Paul Shaw, 38, of Ethronvi Road in Bexleyheath, pleaded guilty to stalking, threatening to disclose private sexual photos and common assault. 

Shaw, who has convictions for domestic incidents with previous partners, left his ex-partner 26 voicemails between August 30 and October 26 last year. 

These included threats to harm her new boyfriend and to disclose private sexual images, Woolwich Crown Court was told. 

His victim told the court that the stalking left her worried about the safety of her and her children. 

She would always check that the windows and doors of her home were locked, and changed her routine constantly so Shaw wouldn't be able to track her.

Shaw’s barrister told the court that his client’s feelings for his ex swung between hate and love – describing his actions as “pathetic”. 

But he said Shaw is an intelligent man who has a degree in brewing and mechanical engineering, and is employed by Brick Brewery. 

Sentencing Shaw on Tuesday (January 30) Judge Nicholas Heathcote Williams KC said: “You also made ultimatums that if you didn’t get what you wanted, to be back together, you would kill yourself. 

“I’m afraid this is the all too typical self-regarding, poor me ultimatum of the domestic abuser.” 

Judge Heathcote noted that Shaw continues to “minimise everything” and that he does not have any awareness of his impact on others. 

“He sees everything from his own perspective,” Judge Heathcote said. 

Shaw was given a 14-month custodial sentence, suspended for two years.