A Greenwich road has been described as having traffic problems so bad they cause ‘havoc’ for drivers and residents alike.

Avery Hill Road in Eltham has been cited by a ward councillor as having massive traffic issues.

Conservative Councillor Pat Greenwell, who represents the Eltham Town and Avery Hill ward, said in council documents that she was recently reminded of the dangers on Avery Hill Road during a walk with a concerned parent.

The councillor then asked the authority to raise the issue with Transport for London (TfL).

She said: “The massive traffic problems during the morning and evening rush hours on Avery Hill Road continue to cause havoc with drivers and residents, both adults and children.”

Labour Councillor Averil Lekau, cabinet member for climate change, environment and transport, said in her written response that Avery Hill Road did not come under the responsibility of TfL.

The cabinet member wondered if the councillor was referring to the nearby Fiveways junction that the transport authority managed.

Cllr Greenwell had previously asked for a stretch of Footscray Road beside the Fiveways junction to have a 20mph speed limit added, claiming cars had been damaged and pets killed by speeding motorists.

Regarding Avery Hill Road, Cllr Lekau said the council was committed to eliminating all deaths and serious injuries from the borough’s streets.

The cabinet member said: “We review the safety record of our streets on an ongoing basis. A boroughwide road casualty analysis was undertaken for the Road Safety Policy Framework Action Plan the Royal Borough adopted in October 2022.

"The location you mention does not make it into the top eight priority locations, of which we aim to make improvements at five in the next three years.”

Cllr Greenwell previously cited concerns for traffic on Avery Hill Road at a planning meeting in January 2023.

She said that the road and surrounding area was ‘jam-packed solid’ with cars to the degree that people were unable to park their vehicles.

Sections of road on Plumstead High Street and Woolwich New Road were included in the list of priority locations for safety improvements.

Cllr Lekau said council officers were preparing a method to move forward with the authority’s plan to add 20mph speed limits across the borough.