A football fan has been banned from matches after being found guilty of carrying cocaine at a Gillingham vs Charlton game whilst with his child.

The incident occurred outside Priestfield Stadium on December 2 when drug detection dogs were deployed.

A 31-year-old man from Chatham was brought to the attention of police shortly before the FA Cup match commenced.

Police dog Dougal signalled and the man was searched leading to the discovery of a small packet of cocaine he dropped onto the floor.

The man, who was accompanied by his child and a friend, confessed to carrying the class A drug, claiming he had forgotten it was in his pocket for weeks and that he did not intend to take into the ground.

At his trial at Medway Magistrates’ Court on January 17, the man admitted to the charge.

He received an 18-month conditional discharge and was served a Football Banning Order, barring him from attending any matches for three years.

Chief Inspector Alan Rogers of Kent Police’s Tactical Operations Command said: “Gillingham FC and other football clubs across Kent are committed to making the matchday experience as family-friendly as possible.

“One of the ways they do so is by making their stadium a no-go area for drug users.

“We are fully supportive of their efforts to help tackle the possession of illegal substances and we look forward to holding similar operations at Priestfield in the future.

“Anyone planning on taking drugs to a football match should take this outcome as a warning that it could be the last they attend for a number of years.”