The zealous law students at Newstead Wood School had the opportunity, on the 1st of February 2024, to speak to two professionals in the law field. Tahmina Rahman is a Judge and Barrister, and Nusrat Siddique is a solicitor, both of which have vast careers in law, stating their cases at courts such as the Royal Courts of Justice. They were welcomed by a committee of students who introduced them to the school and asked them questions to help skyrocket their knowledge in their field of aspiration.  

Law is a field of high competition. Many longing students are wishful of a successful career in the industry. Both professionals gave insight into a lifestyle and journey through law school. They spoke about being resilient and dealing with rejection; the world of work encompasses many victories and many downfalls, and sometimes it can be hard for new adults to manage, therefore the lawyers explained their resilience through work life. They deciphered the routes and journeys into law, and gave tips and tricks on dealing with the contracts and work experience entailed, speaking about stepping stones into law, the difference between high street firms and larger firms, and each sector of law.  

A student who attended this talk, Zeena Bilal, spoke about the talk saying it was “informative and insightful and solidified what I want to do with my life”. The talk encouraged many students; Newstead Woods will see many law students soon.